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Why Should I Do A Placement In The NDIS?

Placements in the NDIS offer a number of clinical and professional benefits for Allied Health students.

In particular, the NDIS now influences many aspects of Allied Health practice. Understanding the NDIS and being able to demonstrate they know how to work within that context, can provide an advantage for graduates looking for work.

You can learn more from NDIS participants, students and providers about what they see as the benefits of Allied Health students doing a placement in the NDIS

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What Should I Expect From A NDIS Placement?

Working with NDIS participants can be extremely rewarding – both professionally and personally. It is hard to find a better context in which students’ skills and knowledge will create more personal impact for their clients/participants.

To help demystify the process, you can hear from NDIS participants, providers and students as they talk about what students can expect, and what is expected of them, in a NDIS placement.

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How Can I Prepare For A NDIS Placement?

Preparing For Your NDIS Placement

Provides resources to help you get ready for and get the most out of a placement in the NDIS.

Improving Placements For The Future

A key finding of the Future Allies project is that students, NDIS providers, participants and educators need to work together to improve placements for the future.

The following resources provides some ideas for how students can be active in ensuring that Allied Health placements continue to be improved in ways that benefit them.

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