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What Does It Mean To Prepare Allied Health Students For The NDIS?

The Future Allies research found that what NDIS providers and participants really expect of educators is to focus on developing students’ general clinical and professional skills. While, some background knowledge about the NDIS is assumed, largely, providers expect that they will have a key role in teaching students about the NDIS – its practices and ways of working.

Educators don’t need to think of NDIS placements as requiring any burdensome additional preparation – like any placement, it’s about ensuring students have a good grounding in practical clinical and professional skills.

You can hear from NDIS participants and providers on their expectations of Allied Health students and their educators in preparing for placement.

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Resources To Share With Allied Health Students

What is the NDIS?

Provides background about the NDIS to help students understand the context they will be working in.

Goal-setting for placement

Helps students establish and manage their goals to ensure they get the most out of their NDIS placement.

Assessment and reporting in the NDIS

Explores the importance of assessment and reporting practices in the NDIS, and their implications for NDIS participant outcomes.

Resources To Share With NDIS Providers

What to expect from students

Explores what providers can expect from their Allied Health students and what they can do for participants.

Being an effective supervisor

Provides insight on how providers can deliver a good learning experience for Allied Health students and how supervisors can also draw personal benefits from that experience.

Managing a difficult placement

Many providers worry about what to do if a placement is not working for them, their participants and/or the student. This resource provides strategies and approaches for dealing with this situation.

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