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Working With A Student Can Offer Real Benefits To NDIS Participants

Often there is a concern that working with a student will use up your funding and mean a lesser service or outcome. However, it is important to note that any students you work with will be properly supervised and they can often do things for you that your Allied Health professional may not have the time to do.

Our research has found that students can help participants to get more value from their service – giving more time to work through goals and questions, while bringing a new perspective.

Students offer a new resource, who can allocate more time, to work through things with you – especially the non-treatment, real-life issues and goals that your Allied Health professional may not have time to address.

You can hear from other NDIS participants, students and Allied Health professionals on the benefits they see coming from working with students.

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Working With A Student Is An Investment In Future Care

Beyond the benefits for each individual participant, we need student placements if we are to sustain the number of Allied Health professional available to work with participants across the NDIS.

As a participant, you can contribute to improving student placements. Future Allies has found that placements work best when viewed as a partnership between participants, students, providers and educators.

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The following resources provides some ideas for how participants can be active in ensuring that student placements continue to be improved in ways that benefit them.

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